Amanda J.

19 Feb


Trash hoarder – the cube-mate who never takes out the trash.

Liz B.

11 Jan

Candy Hoarder

The office candy hoarder – you will be missed!


Chris-Ann Y.

15 Nov


Case number 012

10 Oct

This is where the 1990’s went to die.

Original Source.

Mary J.

20 Sep

Not bad. I don’t know if I’d need that fan right in my face.


29 Aug

If you’re hungry, help yourself to the slices of week-old pizza that are probably stored in those plastic drawers.


Case number 005

1 Aug

Found this submitted by <a href=”!/livininacubicle”>@livininacubicle</a&gt; on <a href=””>The Collard Sheep</a>.

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